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10 Tips About Social Security

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This is your Social Security case, and you have hired us to help you. Before we can help you, we need to know all of the facts. Please continue to share important information with us (See Paragraph 6). We also need to know if you get a letter or call from Social Security. Please let us know immediately anytime you have a change of address or phone number. Further, I need to know if you have gone back to work or if you are thinking about going to work full or part-time.


There may be periods of time (up to 60 days) when we will have nothing new to report. Please do not think we have given up on your case during these times. We will continue to check with Social Security concerning the status. We will contact you anytime there is an important development in your case.


Ongoing and regular medical treatment for all of your medical conditions, both physical and mental, is crucial to the outcome of your case. The Administrative Law Judge will not consider conditions for which you have not received medical treatment. If you have a mental condition (such as anxiety or depression), I urge you to treat with a psychiatrist or psychologist to add weight and credibility to that part of your claim. If you are unable to secure treatment due to a lack of finances or otherwise, please contact me.


As a general rule, you can expect your hearing to be scheduled within 12 months from when you reach the hearing level currently. After the hearing, the process takes anywhere from 2-4 months for a decision to be issued. If you are successful and win your disability claim, it will probably take an additional 1-2 months for you to start receiving payments. Bear in mind that the scheduling of such a hearing is handled by the ALJ’s staff and cannot be controlled by the attorney. There is nothing the attorney can do to speed up the scheduling and you must accept the fact that you need to wait your turn in the government system.ntitled.


There are two ways you may learn about your hearing date. One may be directly from my office, or if you receive a letter from Social Security, called a “notice of hearing”. Remember, if you do get a notice of hearing, please call us and let us know the date, time and location of your hearing.


If you receive new or additional medical treatment, for example, changing your primary care physician or obtain a new specialist or have additional testing or surgeries, please promptly notify us and provide us with particulars, including the source, type, and location of treatment. This allows us to comply with Social Security’s requirement that all medical records pertaining to your case be secured and submitted timely at least five business days prior to the hearing. In order for the best possible result, it requires a team effort between you and us.


You will be provided an opportunity, by letter from SSA, to have a video teleconference. I prefer an in-person hearing before an ALJ. The ALJ will be local and be able to see and observe your pain first hand.


If you are applying for an SSI claim, or feel that you are eventually entitled to SSI (supplemental security income), please go to the local Department of Human Services office and apply for Medicaid if you have not already done so. This is very important, even if you have already been turned down recently for this benefit.


If you are applying for Social Security disability benefits based on your wages, you should sign up any dependent children as auxiliary beneficiaries on your claim, if you have not already done so. This is very important as the date of entitlement is based on the application date.


Preparing your case takes a great deal of time, and we have to ask you to be patient over the coming weeks and months as we work to get the benefits for which you are entitled.