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The Social Security Act has been compared to the Internal Revenue Code due to its complexity.  The statute that encompasses Social Security disability law has not only many sections, but there are administrative rules that go with the statutory provisions and court decisions that interpret those.  Thus, if you have been denied disability at the initial level, a trained attorney in Social Security Disability law can probably tell you why you were denied at the initial level (where you may look at the very simplistic and general denial and wonder how they could possibly find you not disabled.)

There are even those that will tell you that you don’t need to get an attorney; you can proceed yourself.  The problem is that once you have been denied, it is too late.

When you consider that the representation in Social Security disability is by contingent fee (you only pay a fee if you win), the choice becomes obvious.  You need to have an attorney to get you through the complicated process.  Let me help you.  Call me at (734) 285-8020.

What does this lawyer do for me when I hire him?

  • First, I give you an overview of the entire disability appeal process.  Then I ask a series of questions designed to show me the way to your best path for a positive disability decision.
  • I turn in your completed disability forms via the internet and mail and begin to investigate your medical records.
  • I print out your SSA disability file from the SSA internet and study it.  I keep in contact with you regarding your current medical problems.
  • I prepare a “theory of the case” brief and file it with SSA.  It explains to the judge why the medical record and federal disability statute support your disability claim.
  • I then meet with you at my office, a few days before your actual hearing.  I go over your case and the brief I have prepared and review the likely questions you will be asked by the judge at the hearing.
  • You will be prepared and confident when you walk into the hearing with me to face the judge.  Call me now and let’s get started!

What should I take with me when I go to the Social Security office to apply for disability benefits?

You should have your Social Security card or a record of your Social Security number and proof of age for yourself and each person eligible for benefits.  You should bring a copy of your last W-2 form or, if self-employed, your federal tax return.  You should have the names, addresses and phone numbers of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and institutions that treated you and the dates of treatment.  In addition, be prepared to give a summary of where you worked during the past 15 years and what you did.  Social Security will want the dates of any military service, dates of any marriages and claim number of any other benefit you receive because of your disability.

For service or an appointment, call 1-800-772-1213.